Velobike Chainring Elite Track

€ 115,00

A high level aluminium Velobike chainring designed for great performance and drive chain efficiency. 

Precision CNC machined aluminium with a post anodising and low friction infusion process impregnated into the highly tolerance tooth profile. The 7075-T6 aluminium grade offers the greatest strength to weight ratio - making the elite range a stiff yet relatively lightweight performance chainring.

The Elite Track Chainrings tooth profile is a result of multiple years of iterative development - optimising the profile for reduced noise and friction as the chain links engage and disengage with the teeth during the chainrings rotation.

The Elite Track Chainrings have been developed to have the greatest stiffness to weight to efficiency to cost ratio on the planet.

World Championship winning by Aus Cycling in the Mens Team Sprint 2022

Used by Cycling New Zealand and Aus Cycling.