Velobike Computer Saddle Mount

€ 37,00

Collect your riding data more efficiently using the Velobike computer saddle mount.

Designed for aerodynamic optimisation, the computer saddle mount positions your Garmin or Wahoo cycle computer in the most aerodynamic position under your saddle.

Note: The computer mount requires a minimum of 12mm of rail length to clamp to behind the saddle clamp.


  • Laser-sintered nylon

  • Injection moulded nylon mounting puck
  • Mounting hardware supplied

Compatible with:

  • Garmin Edge series computers
  • Wahoo Element Series computers
  • Round and oval saddle rail clamps

Fitting Tips:

  • Ensure screws are not over tightened. Overtightening may result in damage to the computer mount.
  • If the computer mount slides around on the rails, applying grip tape on the rails can increase friction for a secure clamp.

    Why mount your computer under the saddle and not on the handlebars?

    According to the UCI article 1.3.024 TER: “The rider must not have any direct access to the images [from onboard data collection technologies, or information concerning other riders being collected or transmitted during the race”.