Velobike Skat Endurance Handlebar

€ 930,00

Introducing the Skat Endurance Handlebar — the apex of user centered design specifically for endurance track cyclists. The Velobike Skat handlebar emerges as a ground-breaking accessory for the Olympic-level track cyclist after 24 months of collaborative research and development with elite endurance athletes and national federations.

Crafted for Elite Performance

Manufactured using the industry-renowned Japanese Toray Carbon Fiber, the Skat Endurance Handlebar promises a great balance between stiffness and lightweight performance. Its modular design allows elite athletes and teams to collaborate closely with us, ensuring a handlebar configuration tailor-made for peak performance.

The patent pending design proudly stands at the forefront of track cycling innovation, the Skat Endurance Handlebar is meticulously designed, boasting the following features:

  • 4x bar widths
  • Modular grip hoods
  • Utilising the full 2023 UCI geometry regulations
  • Highly ergonomic drop design fostering multiple grip positions
  • Balance between aero optimisation and modularisation
  • Wrist clearances for standing efforts 
  • Wind tunnel validated during the R&D process 
  • Integrated bar end aero
  • New Zealand FernMark Licenced


The Skat Endurance handlebars are an evolution from the Tokyo Bunch Bars released in 2019. Available in four different widths - 275mm, 300mm, 325mm, and 350mm, the bars to suit diverse needs and preferences.

Drop Shape: The Skat Endurance Handlebars maintain a familiar drop shape and profile to the well esteemed Bunch Bars that provide great hand positions through the curvature of the drop profile. A slightly more vertical drop ensures the athletes can maximise their bike fit reach out to the 100mm UCI limit.

Increased Reach: An generous reach provides great flexibility for various bike fits while increasing forearm support while riding in the hoods.  

Wrist Clearance: Tactically positioned wrist clearances minimises intersection with the riders wrists while riding out of the saddle.

Asymmetric design: A subtle asymmetric madison sling thumb grip provides comfort and support to hurl your partner into the race with strength and control. 

The Grips

Our patent-pending interchangeable hood grips, a testament to modularity and adaptability, allow for unmatched customisation specific to the users needs.



An Innovative Advantage


Proudly licensed under the New Zealand FernMark, the Skat Endurance Handlebar is the result of a user-centric design approach. It embodies a unique harmony of advanced design, modularity, and integration — a testament to our commitment to excellence and our position as industry leaders.


  • All sizes UCI legal 
  • Designed and tested to exceed 1.5x ISO strength requirements
  • Ceramic gloss finish
  • Japanese Toray High Modulus Carbon Fiber
  • Width: 275mm, 300mm, 325mm and 350mm (centre to centre)
  • Drop: 110mm (centre to centre)
  • Reach: Refer to grip style in user manual
  • ø26mm drop grips 
  • 15° drop flair
  • ø31.8mm stem clamping diameter
  • 50mm stem clamping width


  • 1x Skat Endurance Handlebar
  • 1x (pair) Grips (of your choosing)
  • 1x grip fastening set

Optional Extras:

  • Extra Skat Endurance Handlebar Grips available separately